From Exhausted To Exhilarated


The GRACE Wellness System

Want more motivation, better sleep and the energy to move mountains? 

I Know You Are…

…Tired of being tired

…Ready for real solutions to emotional exhaustion.

…Frustrated with being told, “nothing is wrong with me”.

…Overwhelmed by all the “diet” advice and not sure what to eat anymore.

…Wishing you could show yourself GRACE.



I Know You…

…Wake up thinking “Can I get through this day”.

…Feel guilty because you know the things you should do, and you promise yourself over and over again, your going to eat healthier, exercise more and stop over-reacting to the stuff that pops up during the day.

…Feel like you will never find the answer and have the physical and emotional energy to be the woman you were called to be.



I Know You Ask Why…

…Don’t you have the will-power to make better nutrition choices.

…Can’t you push through and get the results in your business, your home, your health and your relationships that you see others enjoying.


I Know The Truth…

The truth is that the body’s delicate communication pathways can be disrupted, leading to hormone imbalance, digestive and detoxification sluggishness and imbalance. 

The truth is these imbalances affect your ENERGY, EMOTIONS and the ability to show up like the woman you desire to be. 

The truth is, it’s simply not your fault and NOW is the time for you to learn how to show yourself some GRACE.

Transform Your ENERGY with The GRACE Wellness System

The GRACE wellness system is a      12- week, metabolic/ biology-based systems approach for women that are tired of being tired and want off the symptom roller-coaster. 

This hybrid-wellness coaching model allows you the freedom to follow the holistic-lifestyle learning modules at your own pace and receive the personalized coaching you won’t get in other coaching programs. 



This 1:1-hybrid wellness-program incorporates a thorough stress-mapping intake session and in-home Functional lab-testing kits for a deeper investigation.

Functional-lab analysis coaching sessions with a real coach, to develop your GRACE Wellness plan.

There are 5 online holistic-lifestyle modules to support your time and energy focus and group coaching Q&A  sessions.

The time is NOW for you to uncover the “hidden” contributors that have undermined your ability to move past fatigue, and emotional overwhelm.

Don’t waste anymore time feeling GUILTY and stressed out. 

If not NOW, then WHEN will you finally give yourself permission to walk in the freedom that abundant-energy offers and be able to show yourself GRACE?

I Know You Need…

The Grace Wellness System

The One Program That Gives You Everything You Need to Go From Exhausted To Exhilarated!


  • 5 Modules with Step-By-Step instructions
  • All the E-Guides, PDFs, Checklists You Need
  • Short, Easy to Consume Video Coaching
  • Bi-Monthly Q&A’s
  • Personal Coaching sessions
  • Personal Lab-Results & Recommendations
  • Personal GRACE Wellness Plan


Module 1: Grace


  • UNDERSTAND and address the roots of your fatigue and emotional exhaustion. 
  • LEARN why you CAN show yourself GRACE.
  • FIND the perfect eating plan for you.
  • OVERCOME the overwhelm by learning how to be prepared when you are too busy.

Module 2: Rest


  • RESTORE your body’s natural-circadian rhythm and sleep cycles.
  • REST your adrenals and allow your body to rest & digest naturally.
  • RELEASE the pressure you put on yourself and create new habits.
  • RESTORE your body’s resiliance.

Module 3: Activate


  • ACTIVATE your body’s natural ability to balance  hormones and get out of survival mode.
  • ACTIVATE your detoxification pathways to support your immune system, hormones and brain health. 
  • ACTIVATE A healthy “gut” and support your microbiome.
  • ACTIVATE wellness at the Cellular level. 

Module 4: Cleanse 


  • CLEANSE the toxins and problematic bacteria to prevent further cellular damage.
  • CULTIVATE beneficial-bacteria and healthy-hormones to restore energy production and support healthy emotions.
  • CLEANSE negative-thoughts and habits that lead to despair and loss of hope.
  • CULTIVATE a new focus on lasting wellness.

Module 5: Elevate

  • Elevate your mood and emotions.
  • Elevate your energy by moving your body.
  • Elevate your thought patterns and Exit your old ways.
  • Elevate your strength and energy.

Ready to Transform Your Energy?

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Hear what other women are saying about working with Tess

“”My attitude and mood was all over the place. My family didn’t know what they were going to get.  Once I started this 90 day protocol and we identified my body’s imbalances through Tess’ coaching and the labs-tests I ordered, I realized how out of balance my hormones were. My family is so relieved & so am I.

I  was also able to connect the dots to my unruly digestive problems and I am happy to report I am back on track and feeling good again””

Terri, Entrepreneur

“Digestion is a lot better, (I am missing my gallbladder). My body-joints move better. Very glad to have met Tess when I did. Thank you!””

Denise, Dental Office Manager

“At age 54, I noticed I had gradual weight gain, even though I was walking and ate primarily healthy meals, I was not able to lose the weight and walking up stairs left me breathless. my blood glucose was pre-diabetic. I have lost 17 pounds, , which has been so gratifying.  Just this weekend I realized I could run up three flights of stairs at the hotel we were staying at. This is a wellness program and a healthy way of living!””

Debra, Office Manager

“”I was ready to schedule Knee surgery. I couldn’t even walk down the stairs without holding on to the railing before I started this easy protocol. I had no idea, how inflammation could cause so much problem. Now I can go up and down the stairs, no problem, no handrail needed. Thank you for giving me my legs and my life back””

Vickie, Elementary School Teacher

““I prayed to God that I needed to find something to make me feel better and He answered my prayers! God gave me one body, It’s time I started taking care of it!””

Charlotte, Retired

“”I saw Tess’ information and was intrigued right away. I knew something was going on inside but I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how to heal it. So I worked with her and learned so much…so grateful I did it. I learned so much more about how our insides work and what to do to properly support it.”” “” My energy has improved and my skin has cleared up”” Thank you!

Tanya, Field Manager

Investigate & Explore the Root Contributors

 The GRACE Wellness System begins with investigating the root- contributors to your fatigue and health complaints. 

Together, we’ll explore your history, investigate your current complaints with Functional- lab screening tools and develop your step- by- step personal GRACE Wellness Plan.

Learn & Apply the Foundations of Wellness

There are 5 separate modules in this hybrid-program, that will walk you through the basic foundations of wellness. 

Each module focuses on one pillar of  the GRACE  Wellness System and includes:

  •  Step-by- step guidance
  • Short coaching videos that are easy to consume
  • Easy action plans.


E-guides, Recipes, Sample Meal Plans, Checklists

This program includes all  the tools you need to develop the perfect eating plan for you, Starting with easy changes in the first two weeks, as well as addressing sugar cravings with a  5-day sugar detox plan.

You will learn how to recognize the foods that energize you and match your metabolic rhythm, as well as address those your body has become intolerant too, or that may currently be problematic.

There are 6- weeks of recipes, including a sample meal -plan, shopping guide, tools to learn how to read product labels and meal-prep.    

By-Monthly Q&As

Community learning has been shown to improve action-taking and accountability.

Twice a month your questions will be addressed in a  group- coaching call. If you can’t make the live coaching- call, the recording will be uploaded into the program learning platform.




Personal Coaching

This hybrid coaching program is unique to the GRACE Wellness System.

Along with the by-monthly group coaching calls, as you navigate through the Functional Lab-screening tools, you will receive 1-2 Lab result sessions, depending on the Functional Lab package that you have purchased when you enroll in this program.                                                                                                   



Each member will be invited to join a private Facebook Community. This will be a safe-space to share your GRACE Wellness journey with other women that understand.

Share your stories, find an accountability buddy and make lasting friendships along the way.




This All Sounds Great But…

Who is this program for?
  • This program is for women that are tired of feeling tired and have been unable to figure out why.
  • Many times women are told by their health-care providers, after running routine-labs and going through normal check-ups that nothing is wrong. Leaving them feeling frustrated and alone.
  • This program is for women that are ready to participate in a deeper investigation to the contributors that lead to their fatigue and emotional exhaustion. 
  • Licensed health-care providers are experts in acute medicine and finding disease, but when it comes to the functional-connections to lifestyle and nutrition and the subtle effects it has on our body, they are often untrained in these modalities, leaving women with no other options.
What are Functional lab-screening tools and how do I use them?
  • Functional-lab screening tools are typically in-home functional-lab test kits, that are available direct to consumer.
  • The kits you need will be dropped shipped to your address and are easy to complete and ship back to the lab.
  • These screening kits are used for a deeper investigation in regard to your hormones, immune system, digestion/ detoxification systems as well as, cellular energy and neuro-tissues, to help identify roadblocks in the path to abundant energy.
Have you worked with other women and helped them reach their health goals?
  • I have been working with women to meet their health goals for over a decade, utilizing a holistic and functional-nutrition approach to balancing health and wellness, utilizing education, clinical-experience and skills acquired through rigorous studies in Holistic-health, plant-based wellness-care and Functional-Diagnostic Nutrition.
  • For the past five-years, I have served as a clinical-advisor to professionals and as a Senior course mentor for a well respected Functional Health Certification program.
  • I’m an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health practitioner, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, HTMA-master practitioner, Certified Family Herbalists and Certified Health Coach.
I'm tired and I have limited time available, can I still complete your program?
  • This program is designed to take you through the transformation of  your energy and wellness step-by step in a supportive environment.
  • It’s a 12-week-hybrid wellness program, that includes in-home Functional lab-kits (convenient and simple to complete), online holistic-lifestyle coaching-modules to be completed at your convenience and scheduled coaching sessions as we build out your own personal optimal-wellness plan.
  • Experiencing the results you desire will require commitment of your time and resources, as well as taking action to implement your personal wellness-plan.
Who is this program not for?
  • This program is not for anyone that is uninterested in making holistic-lifestyle changes and unwilling to invest the time and resources needed to reach their health and wellness goals.
  • This program is not for women that are uninterested in a deeper investigation into their biology-based body-functions to find “hidden”stressors.
  • This program is not for women that are uninterested in learning how to listen to their body’s needs and choose foods for their metabolic-type.


Will you treat my medical diagnosis?
  • This program is not intended for use for the treatment of any diagnosis or disease.
  • The information provided is for educational purposes only.
  • The coaching provided is for encouragement and accountability.
  • You are encouraged and advised to seek medical advice and treatment from your licensed- healthcare provider for the treatment and management of any diagnosis or disease.
I'm tired, but I also have some other complaints, can you still help me?

There is a reason why you are so tired.

  • The whole body is connected and it communicates in several ways.  Disruptions and imbalance in these communication pathways can lead to symptoms and complaints in different areas of your body.
  • Symptoms can quickly have a waterfall-effect, starting as a trickle and expanding to more issues.
  • In this program we focus on the “whole-body” which can help your other complaints.
How much will I need to invest in this program?
  • We start with a basic foundational program and structure the functional-lab screening tools around your individual needs.
  • We have structured a 45- minute consultation, so that you can share your story with us, and we can discuss the options that will fit your individual needs.
  • Simply click the “YES, I’m Ready To Get Started” button to schedule your personal pre-enrollment call.

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